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New HarePoint Workflow Scheduler for SharePoint 2013


We are glad to present a new version of HarePoint Workflow Scheduler.

HarePoint Workflow Scheduler is intended to execute SharePoint workflows automatically, by schedule. With the product’s assistance, it’s easy to automate recurring business processes, explore the existed workflows with different parameters, and understand server’s performance better by running workflows with specified frequency.

In the new 1.5 version of the product:

  • the software is fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2013;
  • option to complete remove all data added by the product has been added to application setup.

The new version of the software is available at the HarePoint Workflow Scheduler homepage.

We are also would like to note that HarePoint Workflow Scheduler is a complimentary solution for HarePoint Workflow Extension: more than 200 custom workflow activities for workflow authoring.​​​​

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